Flinders Island Blend

A collection of olive trees can be found in Flinders Island private gardens and or micro groves . Their olives are the source of the olive oil in Flinders Island Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

These trees grow mainly in the South of the Island. The olives tend to ripen earlier than  those  in the Flinders Island Olive Organic  Grove found in the North of the island .This helps enormously with the hectic picking and processing schedule.

Flinders Island District High School has the largest of these groves. The known varieties of trees include Manzanillo, Paragon, and Verdale.

Flinders Island Olives is pleased to present a blend of these olives pressed within hours of picking at the press in Killiecrankie.

This oil is consistently classified as Extra Virgin reflecting the standards of picking and processing required for conforming to the Australian Olives Association Code of Practice.

 In addition to this quality  it presents as a mild spicy and fresh mellow  olive oil. It is delightful to add to pasta , dip with fresh bread or consume with your latest catch of the day.

Flinders  Island Olives 

504 Killiecrankie Rd.,

Killiecrankie, Flinders Island 7255

Jude Cazaly- Co Founder Flinders Island Olives

 ABN 71365748840

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Mary-Anne Roberts- Co-Founder of Flinders Island Olives-

Olive grower ,party lover and a woman of passion for our place and community 14.8.1953 -28.11.2016